Total Open-Platform for
System development and Training

Through open-source hardware, TOPST Alliance makes an open ecosystem
that accelerate creativity of academy and industry



High performance SBC with Multi-CPU

TOPST Open-Source Hardware

Total Open-Platform for System development and Training

From the forefront of industrial field to the center of the education field,
TOPST leads innovation that everyone creates together.

No matter how
you want to use it

TOPST, open multipurpose hardware platform,
is a single-board open-source hardware.
With various models designed for different applications based on their
specific use cases, TOPST stands out for its impeccable compatibility and outstanding application performance.

No matter where
you want to use it

The TOPST open source hardware,
featuring automotive System-on-Chip (SoC),
ensures unparalleled reliability and safety.
The TOPST platform delivers optimal performance,
irrespective of the operating environment.

No matter what
device you want to apply it to

TOPST’s remarkable compatibility, featuring a 40-PIN GPIO and
an array of I/O sensors and terminals,
facilitates seamless integration with a variety of hardware,
encompassing boards, sensors, and subboards.

TOPST is a comprehensive open-source hardware platform

TOPST’s open-source software and hardware materials are fully accessible to everyone, allowing for versatile applications.
You are free to apply TOPST in any manner, reprocess its components, and generate new value.
The TOPST team is committed to offering seamless support and maintaining constant communication to assist in realizing your innovative projects.



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